Yuse & the Spirit

Yuse and the SpiritTraditional tales such as Yuse by John Washakie are an important part of our state’s rich cultural heritage. This story of a young Shoshone boy who is coming of age can be read and appreciated by children of any age.
– Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal

The unique history and culture from the Native people is a very special part of Wyoming history. The Wyoming Department of Education is committed to supporting projects that showcase Native culture and promote equal opportunity for all students.
– Dr.Jim McBride, Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction

I have always respected John Washakie as a leader. Now through his wonderful stories that preserve our culture, I have gained a whole new respect for him as a writer, storyteller and person.
– Ivan Posey, Chairman, Eastern Shoshone Tribe

Yuse, a Shoshone boy becoming a young man, feels he is ready for a trip alone across the mountains to visit relatives. His parents know the dangers that he might encounter on such a trip, but what he finds is something more than he ever imagined. In this amazing journey, Yuse learns the value of adhering to the teachings and customs of his tribe.
Designed as 4th grade level reading book, it is also a great read aloud for younger students. Written by John Washakie, the great grandson of Chief Washakie, John learned the traditional stories of his people from his Gramma Josie and other relatives who had the gift of making them come to life.

Illustrated with full color watercolor pictures, the story brings to life the people of the Shoshone Tribe and the places they lived.

This is a traditional, Native American story and a vital part of our country’s history. PPI and the State of Wyoming has made an effort, through this book, to record and keep for generations to come, these classic stories.

Early literacy is enhanced with the inclusion of a glossary of words in the Shoshone language. Captions to illustrations are in Shoshone.

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