Crazy Man and the Plums

Crazy Man and the PlumsSo often the oral children’s stories and expecially those of mythical characters are lost to time. C’Hair, along with the delightful illustrations of Jon Cox, brings this tale to life and preserves it for all children…
– Whispering Wind Magazine

Native American lore always has a moral that helps one live a full life. William C’Hair’s delightful story, “Crazy Man and the Plums” is no exception. Don’t miss this one.
– U. S. Representative Barbara Cubin

Crazy Man is a self-centered, vain, curious character. His simple-mindedness leads him to make silly, child-like assumptions and get himself into foolish situations. In this story, a hungry Crazy Man thinks he sees plums in the water. His foolish antics lead him to discover that in fact, things are not always what they seem.

The character “Crazy Man” is widespread among the tribes of the northern and central Great Plains. This story about Crazy Man and the Plums comes from the Northern Arapaho tribe in Central Wyoming. The name and concept of the Crazy Man character is very old, dating back thousands of years. Crazy Man stories have been passed down by word of mouth over generations.

The story, with its detailed watercolor pictures and colorful antics, is sure to delight children of all ages.

Designed as an elementary level reading book, it is also a great read aloud for younger students. The story is told by William J. C’Hair, an Arapaho tribal member also known as Honookee Nookei or “White Rock.”

This is a traditional, Native American story and a vital part of our country’s history. PPI and the State of Wyoming has made an effort, through this book, to record and keep for generations to come, these classic stories.

Early literacy is enhanced with the inclusion of a glossary of words in the Arapaho language. Captions to illustrations are in Arapaho.

The CD is narrated in the Arapaho language and English by the Author.

Learn more about the author and illustrator.

Book – 32 Pages Hardbound $14.95
CD – 24 Minutes Jewel Case $14.95
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