Coyote and The Rock

Coyote and the RockCoyote and The Rock is a beautifully illustrated and engagingly rendered Native American legend that is a part of a series, related by Shoshone and Arapaho story tellers, with universal cross-cultural morals. They should be in every public and elementary school library in the U.S.
– Dr. Jana S. Eaton, winner of the Peace Corps’ National Global Educator Award

Even the toughest animals are in danger when Coyote is around. Rupert Weeks’ legacy lives on in this traditional tale that cleverly manages to be amusing while conveying a moral.
– Jennifer Ingram, Wyoming Council for the Humanities

Fox receives some beautiful beads from Rock. Coyote sees them and decides he wants some for himself. When Coyote cheats Rock out of the beads, he ultimately pays a high price.

The story, with its detailed watercolor pictures and colorful antics, is sure to delight children of all ages.

Designed as an elementary level reading book, it is also a great read aloud for younger students. This story is a Shoshone legend told by Rupert Weeks, who was a story teller and enrolled member of the Eastern Shoshone tribe.

Early literacy is enhanced with the inclusion of a glossary of words in the Shoshone language. Captions to illustrations are in Shoshone.

The CD is narrated in the Shoshone language by Mr. Weeks’ wife, Mildred.

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Book – 32 Pages Hardbound $14.95
CD – Jewel Case $14.95
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